The Advent Market

Today’s post vanished into cyberspace and I can’t recover it. There are days when I am not a fan of computers or smart phones. I’ll give you a quick recap to put these pictures into some context.

Yesterday we went to an Advent Market that had been advertised on posters in every village in the area. I thought it was early, the first Sunday of Advent is December 3, but with so many villages and each one having a market, December might have a few date conflicts.

I have heard of Christmas markets and seen the pictures. Snow softly falling, happy people sipping hot drinks while moving from stall to stall outdoors, examining the seasonal good for sale. This one wasn’t quite like that.

The poster gave an address in a village ten kilometres from us but didn’t identify the specific location. We found out when we arrived it was the local Waldorf School. Basically it was just a school fair, though admittedly a large one. The school was not one building but a complex.

Most of the vendors were indoors: candle makers, natural health products, various knit goods and Christmas products. I’m told a Waldorf School involves a lot of hands-on education, which would explain the Christmas wreaths and the various ceramics. High quality stuff and expensive to purchase – a little surprising given that the labour is free.

There were activities for the children, the ones who weren’t manning the food booths, and the whole thing was a pleasant experience, even if it didn’t match my expectations.

It won’t be the last Christmas market I attend this year. Maybe the next one will seem more like my mental image.



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