That’s A Lot Of Water – I

Fall 2008 019

I’d forgotten about my last visit to Niagara falls, which took place almost a decade ago, when I discovered these pictures on a memory stick that I snatched off my desk. So today and tomorrow a photo essay of one of the  natural wonders of the world.

I’ve been to the Falls several times in my life, usually taking visitors from overseas (they are about a seven hour drive from my home in Ottawa). For them the Falls are iconic, one of those things they must see on their trip. I figure if you have seen them once that is sufficient, especially given that the area near the Falls has become so highly commercialized. If you visit Niagara Falls, expect to come back poorer – there will be some attraction that will entice you into spending money.

The Falls themselves though are beautiful and majestic. If you haven’t seen them, you won’t be disappointed. Especially on a hot summer day like the one when we were there last.





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  1. Great photos and I have to agree that the falls are impressive but the town of Niagara isn’t. So very commercialised unfortunately.

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