Ribfest 2017


One of the nice things about working on Parliament Hill is that it is only a block from Sparks Street, which is home to several Ottawa festivals. This year’s edition of Ribfest started on Wednesday and runs until tomorrow.IMG_20170616_095525

At the annual Poutinefest I have difficulty making a choice, so many tasty possibilities. I find Ribfest much tougher, because my taste buds have difficulty trying to figure out which choice is best. Beef and pork ribs have their own distinct taste, and the chicken is different again – but I can never decide which vendor has the best food. Price is standardized, so my Scottish heritage doesn’t get to influence me by choosing the cheapest option.

The key is the sauce, with each booth having its own distinct sauce, which they usually also have for sale by the bottle. You can taste the sauce before ordering, but I can’t tell if one is better than another just by a glob of sauce on a spoon. It needs the meat for me to know how it is really going to taste.IMG_20170616_095544

I didn’t walk the length of Sparks Street this year to see everything that was on offer. Time was of the essence during a short lunch hour, so I just grabbed a few pictures (and some food) from the booths that were closest to my office.

Too bad I couldn’t capture the smell to share with you.


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