U2 – Kicking The Darkness


In 2013 I did a few guest posts for my friend Bruce’s blog. It wasn’t intentional. We had been having an email conversation about England’s Greenbelt Festival and some of my experiences there. He took those emails and published them (with permission of course). I figured now, with U2 on the road in North America, would be a good time to share those posts with you.

An old friend has previously written about Depeche Mode and U2 attending the Greenbelt Music Festival in 1981. Here he writes about a later Greenbelt time:

Flash forward to 1987 and U2 is the biggest band in the world.. Midnight, August 29, and Bono, more or less incognito, shows up in the press enclosure of Cabaret Nicaragua, held under the “big top” tent at Greenbelt. On stage was Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn. Cockburn performs “Lovers in a Dangerous Time”, which Bono would reference the next year in “God Part II” on the Rattle and Hum album. Did Bono really hear the tune on the radio like the song says, or was that poetic license because he couldn’t think of a word to rhyme with Greenbelt? Part of the Cockburn set was released on the Cabaret Nicaragua album, which is a definite rarity.

So there you have it. Some past thoughts on U2. I will have more thoughts to share after I see them in Toronto later this month. I’m trying to be restrained – a few years ago I was in discussion with the University of Ottawa that would have seen me obtaining a Doctorate from that institution. My doctoral thesis was going to be based on some observations I have made about U2 (and I’m not going to give details, just in case I wind up writing it at some point in the future). Alas, while the topic excited the people I was talking with, there was no-one with the requisite experience to provide adequate supervision for the project.  At least that was what I was told.

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