Kiwanis Way – I

A couple of years before we moved from small town Pembroke to Canada’s capital (that’s Ottawa if you didn’t know it) there were some improvements made to Pembroke’s downtown. The Kiwanis Club paid for a paved walkway along the Ottawa River connecting the Pembroke Marina with Riverside Park.IMG_0914

It is a short path, slightly more than a kilometre, but for some reason my wife took a special liking to it. Every time we had guests she would encourage them to take a walk along the Kiwanis Way.

These days we only visit Pembroke a few times a year, but the Kiwanis Way seems to be a requirement. On a recent visit I had hoped to snap some pictures of the city’s murals (and view some of the newer ones painted since we lived there) but there was only time for the Kiwanis Way.IMG_0916

So here are (or is that here is?) a few pictures from that Sunday afternoon stroll. I’ll have a few more tomorrow – it is a short walk but there were some interesting sights.  I hope you enjoy the view.





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