Kiwanis Way – II: The Adult Playground


It had been at least a decade since my wife had managed to convince me to join her for a walk on Pembroke’s Kiwanis Way, and I discovered some things I hadn’t seen before. I know, that is hard to believe in a one-kilometre stroll.IMG_0938

The thing that stood out the most was a new playground. Not your usual one though – this area was for adults and filled with exercise equipment. I thought it was a great idea and hopefully it sees a lot of use. Not everyone can afford a gym membership, and it seemed to me that this would be a perfect alternative, for three seasons of the year. I can’t imagine trying to use the equipment when it is minus thirty. Or I can imagine it, and it is not a pretty thought.IMG_0937

I was motivated to try out some of the exercise machines, though I must admit it took some effort to figure out how they worked. From that you can probably deduce that I do not have a gym membership.

If this park was a little closer I might even be convinced to exercise. I like things that are free – and those seem to be few and far between.


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