Kiwanis Way – IV: The Chapel


It’s amazing what can happen in a small town that would never happen in a city. That thought struck me again as I walked Pembroke’s Kiwanis Way.

Walking from the Pembroke marina to Riverside Park I noticed that sometime in the past 15 or so years since I last traveled the path, a chapel had been added. ‎A few benches overlooking the Ottawa River – and a cross.IMG_0924

In a city the forces of political correctness would never allow such a thing. In the Ottawa Valley though, tradition is important. I would guess that about 90 per cent of the populace would self-identify as Christian, though probably only about ten per cent would actually practice the faith.

So on public land there is an outdoor chapel with a Christian cross. I don’t know how often, if ever, anyone holds worship services there. Nor do I know how long it will be before the forces of political correctness take note and demand its removal.

I am sure though that that day is coming. I wonder if anyone has noticed that as Christian symbols (and Christians) have been removed from the public square that there has been an increase in societal problems such as drug addiction and white collar crime. There couldn’t be a connection, could there?


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