St. Michael

This sculpture is on display in a park in Liesborn, Germany (if I remember the town name correctly). It caught my eye when I visited in 2014. I took a few pictures, then forgot to share them.IMG_8425

I had never heard of Bernhard Kleinhans before, which isn’t that surprising – I’m not exactly a sculpture aficionado. I could name Rodin and Michelangelo as sculptors. I think Picasso did some too, but after that my mind draws a blank. My more artistic friends who are reading this are probably mocking me right now – but most of them couldn’t name the captain of the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs, which is something I do know. We can’t all be experts in everything.

Apparently Kleinhans did a lot of sculpture using Christian and religious themes, including this one of St. Michael which he did in 1976. In North America I suspect such a work in a public place would result in an outcry and a demand that such a religious piece be removed from public view.

I guess the Germans are a little more tolerant.


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