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Most Valuable Sculpture

What does it say about the internet (and our society) that every reference I can find for this piece mentions it is the most valuable sculpture in Offenburg? Does it have no other significance? I would have thought that content or artistic merit would be more important. But obviously I am wrong. (And admittedly I […]

Buried Alive?

  Took a trip to the Black Forest village of Munstertal on Saturday, looking for a change of scenery and to see St. Trudpert’s church (that will be a future post). I was intrigued by this sculpture in the church cemetery. As you can see, it is the fingers (and thumb) of a hand rising […]


A photo essay for you today. These sculptures caught my eye outside the Mesmer Gallery in Riegel when we visited last July to see the Dali exhibition they had at the time. I figured you would like something colorful for this grey winter day. (If you haven’t had a chance yet to answer my mini-survey […]

A Random Picture

I can’t remember why I took a photo of this sculpture, which, if I remember correctly, was in front of the Colosseum in Rome. My first thought is that I was jet-lagged. My second one is that with a digital camera I am not as discriminating as I should be since I don’t have to […]

Wood Working

I found these in front of a store just outside the town of Laufen, which is about a half hour walk from home. They are the calling card I guess you could say for a local furniture and woodworking shop. I’m not sure if they are for sale, or just for decoration – I had […]

St. Michael

This sculpture is on display in a park in Liesborn, Germany (if I remember the town name correctly). It caught my eye when I visited in 2014. I took a few pictures, then forgot to share them. I had never heard of Bernhard Kleinhans before, which isn’t that surprising – I’m not exactly a sculpture […]

The Emperor Has No Clothes

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have missed my calling in life. I should have been a sculptor. Anyone who knows me will find that a shocking statement. It is widely acknowledged that I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler; stick figure drawings are beyond me. In primary school when we had […]