March For Life 2017

They are going to be on Parliament Hill this afternoon, thousands of people with a cause trying to make their voices heard. For the most part, what they are saying will fall on deaf ears.IMG_20160512_141405

Today is the annual March For Life, a celebration of humanity and a rejection of abortion and euthanasia. It is the largest demonstration in the nation’s capital each year, and our news media will do its best to ignore it. The pro-life movement asks questions that make the media uncomfortable, so their response is to try to ignore it or marginalize it.

I don’t think it’s a deliberate bias as much as a blind spot. So secure are journalists in their worldview that they can’t conceive of the pro-lifers actually having a point.IMG_20160512_141152

Last year I came across the marchers as they wound their way through downtown Ottawa on their way to Parliament Hill. I have witnessed the events on the Hill before, but not the march itself. So I whipped out my phone and took a few pictures. Then I never got around to posting them here until today.

If you are in Ottawa this afternoon (and I know most of the people who read this post are not), you might consider heading to Parliament Hill to join the march.IMG_20160512_142112.jpg


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  1. Nice. Religious viewpoints are often underrepresented.

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