The Accountant

I must admit, I chose this in-flight movie because I thought it wouldn’t be too demanding on my tired brain.  It wasn’t.

I took notes at the time, but was too tired after two weeks of travel to turn them into a review while still sitting on the plane. That is what I usually do; see the film and immediately preserve my impressions. In this case (and a couple of others) the notes and review have been sitting on my phone for far too long – the flight was a couple of months ago. Gotta get those to you soon before the sequels come out. Just kidding – I doubt there are going to be sequels to the films I chose to watch.

The Accountant works if you don’t think it through. In many ways it is a standard cops and robbers, boy meets girl type of film. The idea is to sit back and enjoy the ride, not worry about the improbables. My mind seems to always ask those niggling questions though, even when I have told it to relax.

So I won’t ask why the female lead wasn’t just given the assignment to find the accountant. It doesn’t make sense that her boss would feel a need to blackmail her into taking on a task he could have simply assigned. Bosses give orders, no need for blackmail. Did we need the drama?

We probably did. I doubt most people would say that accountants are the most interesting of people. That’s usually a mislabeling, a confusing of the job with the person. (Full disclosure: my sister is an accountant; my brother-in-law is an accountant and I have friends who are accountants. I leave it for you to decide if I said that for family unity or because I really believe it.)

I enjoyed the film, but then I usually movies I watch on a plane. If I don’t like the movie then I choose a different one pretty quickly.

There were a couple of times when I questioned the characters’ actions, or at least the rationale for them. Movies are like that though – there at times is a need to suspend your disbelief and just accept what is going on, as long as you don’t get called to do that too often.

I chose the film for its entertainment factor‎, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make me think about important things from time to time. There are after all only so many car chases or shooting scenes you can squeeze into a couple of hours, and you have to connect them somehow.

Indeed, I found “connection” to be a central theme, if you are looking for a deeper meaning in this movie. The characters are all looking for that deeper relationship that has eluded them.  Or maybe I’m being overly analytical, which is why I won’t go into the examples from the film of man setting himself up in God’s role.

After all, the whole idea was I wouldn’t have to think deep thoughts. That plan doesn’t always work.

There is a certain amount of suspension of disbelief required to take this movie seriously. Once I got past that, I enjoyed it.


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