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Let Them All Talk

Having just fallen asleep watching The Lovebirds, you would think I would not have jumped into another film immediately. But there’s only so much time on a flight, and it isn’t as if I have had much opportunity to see new movies in theatres recently. With only enough time to see one more film, it […]

Watching The Lovebirds

I fell asleep just before the climax. Admittedly, I was working on six hours sleep in the previous two days – but it was only 5 p.m. does that suggest the movie was less than compelling? Ever taken part in a murder mystery? A group of people gets together, usually for a meal, people have […]

Coming Unhinged

Is it my imagination, or are we all a little more on the edge these days? More prone to take offence at slights, to feel anger, when in times past we would have ignored the incident? Is it the pandemic? Or was society drifting that way anyway, and now it is more noticeable? I was […]

Reflections From Tenet

One of my friends asked me if I had seen Tenet yet. I hadn’t. He suggested we go together. He had already seen the film twice, but was confused. I figured that might be because English is his third language. We didn’t make it, because theatres closed again shortly after he suggested the excursion. But […]

Western Stars

It wasn’t what I expected. Perhaps it was better. Sometimes on the plane you don’t know what you are choosing. Bruce Springsteen’s song “Western Stars” is about am aging cowboy/actor. I had thought the movie was a dramatization, with the eponymous album as a soundtrack. I figured it would kill an hour or so on a […]

Fast Cars

Sometimes you don’t know what to choose. Ever had that problem? I always am ambivalent when choosing an in-flight movie. And it isn’t just the wealth of choices. Some movies you know demand a theatre experience. Watching them on the back of an airplane seat isn’t the best. Then there’s time constraints. If you only […]


Spoiler alert; the book became a hit. But probably anyone who watches Tolkein knew that already. I remember reading about this film when it was being made, but missed it in theatres. Thank you Lufthansa for showing it when Air Canada didn’t. (I should note, Lufthansa had no Canadian movies available. Sometimes hard choices have […]

Barakah Yoqabil Barakah

Why not I thought? An Arabic-language comedy. It was a long flight, so if it turned out to be horrible I had time to choose something else.  I’d been spending some time with Arabs – and they don’t come with subtitles. The movie did. It’s a pretty simple story, one you’ve seen and read a […]

The Accountant

I must admit, I chose this in-flight movie because I thought it wouldn’t be too demanding on my tired brain.  It wasn’t. I took notes at the time, but was too tired after two weeks of travel to turn them into a review while still sitting on the plane. That is what I usually do; […]

Breath of Life

  Delayed on the tarmac at Frankfurt Airport seemed like the perfect time to watch Breath of Life, a ten minute documentary about organ donation advocate Hélène Campbell. Hélène is well known for her campaign, to raise awareness of the need for organ donors both before and after she received new lungs. My connection to […]