Random Thoughts For Saturday

You would think that after spending $425 million on renovations, the elevators wouldn’t break down daily. I suppose the out-of-order urinals the day the building opened (that still haven’t been fixed) were a warning sign.


Why does my phone plan give me international roaming everywhere I go in Europe, except for Germany? Guess which European country I spend the most time in?


The Cleveland Browns football team have announced ticket price reductions for 2017. Given that they only won one of sixteen games last season, the move makes sense. I wonder if that will start a trend. Certainly enough sports teams raise their prices when they are successful. Here in Ottawa, the Senators hockey team is having difficulty filling the rink these days, and years of price increases probably have an influence on the declining attendance. It’s not just the ticket prices: if you want snacks or a beverage during the game you need to take out a second‎ mortgage on your house just to pay for it. Given that all the games are televised, it is no wonder people are staying home.

We share a continent, but there are huge differences between Canada and the United States. In Canada, Prime Minister Selfie is taking a lot of flak for a string of broken election promises. In the US, President Trump is under fire for keeping his. Canadians (and least those who don’t follow politics closely) seem to have expected the Prime Minister to keep his promises, that he was sincere in what he was saying. Down south it appears a lot of people thought Trump’s words were just political pandering; they counted on his insincerity. It’s not fun to watch what is going on in either country.


I didn’t bother to comment on Groundhog Day last week. I don’t put my faith in rodent prognostication. Shadow or no shadow, February will be cold.


Facebook told me this past week that it was our anniversary. I felt guilty of course. I hadn’t bothered to note the date, so I didn’t get it anything, and it made me a nice little video. It seems wrong to buy it something after the fact; it knows I forgot. And after all, what can I give Facebook that it doesn’t have already? I hope it doesn’t badmouth me to my friends.


It’s awards season. Grammys tomorrow, Oscars later this month. I don’t know where you would fit it, but somewhere I wish there was a Pharisee of the Year award. Sean Spicer has set the standard. The man has no problems straining at a gnat – or swallowing camels whole.


I’m staring at the page and thinking “I know I had one more thing I wanted to say today.” Now I can’t remember what it was. So I’ll just wrap things up here and hope for the best.


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  1. Facebook comment was great! I posted it on Facebook, linked to this blog post.

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