Monthly Archives: January 2017

Your Monday Morning Smile

Yes, I know it isn’t theologically accurate – but I still thought it was funny. Also more appropriate than the rant I was going to post today. You’ll have to wait for that one. Advertisements

Just Friends

Actually they really aren’t friends. The black and white one barely tolerates the other and would probably be happier as an only cat. He’s just too lazy to leave when she invades his space. Today’s post is being offered in the hope that you will re-post, re-tweet and re-whatever it. After all, the internet is […]

Welcome To Saturday

I decided to keep it light today. We’ve had a week with a lot of serous posts, so today let’s step back and just enjoy the moment.We’ll still need to think about solving the world’s problems, but maybe you should take the time to have breakfast first.

I Couldn’t Resist

A Friday evening bonus post for you from The New Yorker. You would hope he really didn’t say that, but given his past history I, for one, can the plausibility of it. Hopefully he’ll get better acquainted with the book in the next four years.

Inauguration Day – Not My President?

There will be protests today, as Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the United States. I understand that. It was a polarizing campaign and people still haven’t accepted the results emotionally. Demonstrations though are not the proper response. They won’t make the protesters feel any better, and there is nothing they can do […]

A Trump For The Rest Of US!

Canada at times suffers from an inferiority complex. We look at our brash, bold, successful neighbour to the south, and we want to be just like her. Now we have our chance. Businessman and reality television star Kevin O’Leary announced yesterday he is in the running to become the next leader of the Conservative Party […]

Entering The Twilight Zone

I have seen this a couple of places, but thought I should pass it on in case you missed it. While it looks like a possible spoof, it really is a television listing for this Friday. People in Scotland got to see it first as it ran in this week’s Sunday Herald. I remember the […]