Entering The Twilight Zone

I have seen this a couple of places, but thought I should pass it on in case you missed it.

While it looks like a possible spoof, it really is a television listing for this Friday. People in Scotland got to see it first as it ran in this week’s Sunday Herald.

I remember the Twilight Zone television series from the 1960s. I was young and some episodes were really frightening.

This listing though I thought was really funny. I had to wonder though if an American would see it that way. If you have to live through it, perhaps it is frightening. Perhaps the emotional fallout from November’s vote is such that Clinton supporters would find it hurt too much. Trump supporters on the other hand don’t appear to me to have much of a sense of humour, so they probably don’t like the listing either. ‎


I must admit, what it has done is convince me that I should probably tune in and watch the inauguration live on Friday. I work in politics – I can make a strong case that it is work for me.

I always was a fan of the Twilight Zone.


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