The Move

I had a post already planned for today. It was (in my mind anyway) light, whimsical and even topical. But it had a fatal flaw.

It was about my office move, which took place yesterday. I was going to regale you with tales of woe, of missing items and scuffed furniture and doors that wouldn’t unlock. I think it would have been funny for anyone who didn’t have to go through it.

I had expected to wake up this morning not knowing if my computers had been installed or if the phones would be working. I figured I could tie it into today being Friday the 13th and point out that while I am not superstitious, sometimes Murphy’s Law does apply.

Alas, that post is not to be. The movers came on schedule to clear out the old office and delivered the stuff to the new one only a few minutes later than scheduled. Nothing was lost. The computers were hooked up to the system and working before I left. Even the phones, which were not working properly upon installation, managed to fix themselves.

So I have nothing to write about today. Oh, I could tell you that the people moving in to the office across the hall had difficulties. At first their keys wouldn’t open the door, but that was rectified within minutes. No drama, no problems.

I guess I might as well admit it, today’s post is a failure. But it really is all a matter of personal taste, isn’t it? All things considered, I am pleased not to have any horror stories from the move to share with you.

Tomorrow’s post should be more interesting.


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  1. Murphy’s Law: Now you have the exception which proves the rule. Or something.

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