A Quote For Monday Morning


I was at a seminar this weekend when I heard a line that resonated. I’d give credit to the speaker, but he firmly stated that he was himself quoting, though he couldn’t remember the original source.

A quick online search gave me several different variations on the statement, and left me no wiser as to who first said it. I will admit I didn’t check out all of the two million references, just enough to determine that no-one seems to know for sure when the line was first uttered. I was also left feeling a little embarrassed that I had never heard it before. I guess I lead a sheltered life.

I could pick and choose whomever I liked best from the various names I found listed, but I won’t. They probably weren’t the first. It doesn’t really matter in the end I guess. But I do offer these words as your point to ponder for this Monday morning. I just hope that you don’t see yourself in them. Or if you do, you realize that it is time to change.

Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and waiting for the other person to die.


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