Overlapping Holidays

Seasons overlap. We know this is a consequence of the pace of society having picked up exponentially over the past few decades. But my first trip to the grocery store this year left me wondering if we have somehow spun out of control.img_20170105_150217

With Christmas over I expect retailers to be looking toward the next holiday, the next big marketing opportunity, which at this time of year is Valentine’s Day. That’s less than six weeks away now.

So I expected to find not only leftover half-priced Christmas chocolates at the store, but lots of heart-shaped pink boxes. Gotta push the stuff early for maximum sales effect. Make sure the men realize they have to treat their women as society, or at least the advertising industry, has mandated.img_20170105_150116

There were lots of Valentine’s chocolates available. What did surprise me was the other festive boxes on the shelves. The Easter candy was already on display. Although I suppose I could be mistaken. Perhaps chocolate rabbits are now part of those undying chocolate confessions of love expected on February 14.

Easter is set by the lunar calendar, and is not a fixed date. This year it is a little later than normal, the 16th of April. To put it in perspective, there are more days between Valentine’s Day and Easter than there are between now and Valentine’s. In other words, there will be plenty of time for marketing chocolate bunnies after February 14.img_20170105_150131

Which has me wondering, is this a new trend? Will the holidays start overlapping until the calendar become irrelevant? Will Victoria Day fireworks hit the stores later this month when the holiday isn’t until May? Will there be a Halloween display in March? Will stores start putting up their Christmas decorations before Easter?

Might be easier to just leave them up all the time.


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  1. Marketing Lindt (Easter) Bunnies for Valentine’s fertility is a brilliant marketing manoeuvre!

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