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Our Second COVID Easter

So here we are again. Didn’t they tell us last year was a one-time event? But let’s not go down that rabbit hole, or at least not today. We may be in the middle of an apparently unending global pandemic, but there are some universal truths that still remain. The biggest is that which we […]

Overlapping Holidays

Seasons overlap. We know this is a consequence of the pace of society having picked up exponentially over the past few decades. But my first trip to the grocery store this year left me wondering if we have somehow spun out of control. With Christmas over I expect retailers to be looking toward the next […]

Chocolate Overdose

When I was a child I had the impression that the best chocolate came from Switzerland. I’m not sure where this came from, marketing perhaps, it is true though that the Swiss make excellent chocolate. They are not alone of course. Canada has a few renowned chocolatiers, or at least they have a national reputation, […]