Cat Litter

I may have mentioned from time to time that I am not a fan of either of my daughter’s cats, particularly this one. She’s a needy animal, more dog than cat and always in the way as she begs for affection.img_20161203_214508

I was pleased therefore that she decided to package herself for disposal. The box says “litter.” Litter is something you throw away because you are done with it. I am done with this cat.

Today is garbage day. My only question was whether this box belongs with the trash or the recycling.

Unfortunately I was overruled. The box is gone. The cat gets to stay. Life isn’t fair sometimes.img_20161203_214413



  1. The cat’s gorgeous.

    1. You want her? Pay for the shipping and she’s yours. Lots of accessories too, including a 24-year-old girl who appears to be attached to her.

      1. I’ll take the cat, the girl can come and visit.

      2. Sorry, it’s a package deal.

      3. Ah! My lawyer will get back to you!

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