More Mailbox Woes

It seems almost wrong for me to keep taking shots at Canada Post. I’m sure they mean well, it’s just they have a competency issue.

Or perhaps that is an incompetency issue.IMG_20160120_075302

I’ve already written about the frozen locks on community mailboxes in my area, and how I was without mail for a couple of weeks in January, apparently because Canada Post knew the locks would un-freeze with the arrival of warmer weather. Why spend the time and money when Mother Nature will (eventually) solve your problem for you?

I’ve also written about the announcement that new locks are being installed on thousands of mailboxes across the country so they don’t have the same freezing problems this winter. That of course means new keys for those new locks.

I was informed by letter a month ago that the locks would be changed and the new keys delivered soon. I think I expressed some concern about that. I said, “I hope they are smart enough to deliver the new keys first, but given my experience with them that may be too much to hope for.”  It is getting colder each day it seems, and I have received no keys. Soon the old locks will freeze.

Now comes the news that Canada Post has indeed started changing the locks on community mailboxes in my area of town. I heard about it on the radio.

Why did I hear about it? Because with the usual Canada Post efficiency they chose to change the locks and distribute the keys on the same day, more or less. And since there is no longer door-to-door delivery in the area, guess where they put the keys for the new locks? Someplace secure of course – inside the community mailboxes. No word yet on how people are supposed to unlock their mailboxes to get the keys to the new locks. (I’d say “I told you so” but my wife tells me no-one wants to hear that.)

You have to admire their thinking though. If you don’t let people have keys to their mailboxes they will never know if the locks have frozen. Do that sort of thing often enough and people will find other alternatives to Canada Post. Given the annual drop in mail volume, I think most of us already have.


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  1. I started into the second-to-last paragraph and I could hear the scary music building in the background, like what occurs in a horror movie when something terrible is about to take place, but you keep thinking, ‘No…no…it can’t happen.’

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