Still Waiting (Frozen IV)

It is not my imagination, right? According to the message from Canada Post below, they will let me know when they have fixed my mailbox. They expect to have the problem fixed by January 15 and will contact me as soon as they resolve the issue.IMG_20160120_075302IMG_20160120_075313

It is February 2, and still no contact. As you know, I took matters into my own hands. They didn’t seem to be doing anything. We have had some warm days recently so I presume my neighbours mailboxes have all thawed too.

So much for customer service though. If you say you’re going to contact me, then follow through. Or is that too much to expect in 2016?

They could at least send me a letter.


Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Canada Post Customer Service. Please find below the details concerning
the service ticket we have opened in response to your request.

Service Ticket Details
Topic: Mailbox Key and/or Lock not working

Ticket Number: 0116767883
Submitted: 2016/01/12
Expected Resolution Date: 2016/01/15

We will contact you as soon as we resolve the issue.

In the meantime, should you have any questions, please call 1-800-267-1177 from 7:00am to
9:00pm ET Monday to Friday and from 10:00am to 6:00pm ET on Saturday. When you call,
please reference the ticket number identified above.

Canada Post Customer Service Team

Please note: Do not reply to this email message. It was sent from an address that cannot accept
incoming email.


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  1. […] already written about the frozen locks on community mailboxes in my area, and how I was without mail for a couple of weeks in January, apparently because Canada […]

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