Police Logic

Read in the newspaper yesterday that Ottawa Police have issued 29 per cent fewer tickets this year than in 2015. It’s not that residents are breaking fewer laws and bylaws, but the police are upset.

The police union says fewer tickets are being issued because the officers’ feelings were hurt by something the mayor said. The details are irrelevant, and quite frankly probably boring unless you live here. There is a morale problem on the force, and differing opinions as to the cause and cure.

Why are officers upset with the mayor this time? To sum it up, leaving out the situation that led to it, he suggested that anyone who wasn’t happy in their job is welcome to find a new one. Maybe not the most sensitive thing to say, but a statement that is pretty common to employers. I’ve said it myself.

I’m a little confused. The mayor essentially told the police to stop their whining, and their response is to not do their jobs? Sounds like whining to me. Or am I misunderstanding this response, that it isn’t as childish as it looks.

I’m open to correction.


One comment

  1. If they are paid well enough, no whining.

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