I will admit that from time to time I have been sucked in by those posts on Facebook or similar social media sites that promise something special if only you will click on the link. “You will never guess what this 80’s star looks like today;” “50 Things you didn’t know about sitcom X;” “This new use for paper clips will shock you” or “The world’s scariest airport runways” (I clicked on something similar to that one once).

I have never been shocked when I have been gullible enough to click. Nor surprised. Occasionally amused, but if there are more than five items I get bored easily and give up.

But, clickbait works. Advertises love it. So today, two images about clickbait that I saw yesterday for the first time. I figure why not join the party. If I have done this right, the pictures have links embedded that will take you who knows where. Can you resist?



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