Nanny Car for Nanny State


I have lived in a cold climate pretty much all my life. I know what it means to be Canadian.

So I was somewhat offended when I turned the ignition on my car on the first cold morning of the Fall. As the system came to life a warning message was displayed on the dashboard:

“Ice possible. Drive With care.”img_20161027_074557

Thank you very much, but I don’t need a three-year-old (car) telling me what to do. And I resent the implication that I don’t drive with care in all conditions.

The message has me wondering though. Has the manufacturer been sued by someone who skidded on the ice and had an accident? Is this a cover your behind message akin to the warning “may contain nuts” that I have seen on a jar of nuts? How stupid is the average person supposed to be that such warnings are necessary?

Probably better that you don’t answer that – you’ll offend the Donald Trump supporters.


One comment

  1. The car I sometimes drive has a bigger display. It has many warnings, including something to the effect “don’t look at this display too often or it will distract you from driving”. That message occurs occasionally as the car is turned off.

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