The Debate Goes On

The second of three American Presidential debates is tonight.

To say this has been the strangest election season on record is probably an understatement. I noticed in the news yesterday that Donald Trump’s running mate issued a statement denouncing him. Somehow I don’t think that has been done before; usually the presidential and vice-presidential candidates support each other.

Mind you, there have been vice presidential candidates thrown under the wheels of the bus, metaphorically.  Think Henry Wallace or Thomas Eagleton.

Not being an American, I don’t have the same stake on the outcome of next month’s vote as our neighbours to the south. That means that tonight I don’t feel obligated to watch the debate. I can watch the baseball game instead. Or read a book.

Who am I kidding? I’m a political junkie, I will probably take in at least some of it. Cringing all the while.

If you are planning on watching the debate you may want to stop reading here, until after the debate is over. I found a couple of jokes on the internet, nothing to do with politics, that might help brighten your mood after a couple of hours of Clinton versus Trump. I hope so anyway. No matter who you support you can probably use a boost right now.

A man who has fallen on hard times is wandering the streets of a wealthy neighborhood. The man approaches one of the houses and knocks on the door and when the owner of the house answers, the homeless man asks him for a meal. The owner replies that he would be happy to feed the man in exchange for some honest labor. He tells the homeless man to go into the garage, get a can of paint from the shelf, and put a fresh coat of it on his porch. Fifteen minutes later, the wealthy man hears a knock at his door again. When he opens the door, he is greeted again by the homeless man who says, “Hey I’m all finished up with that paint job, but you should know that’s a BMW in there, not a Porsche.”


A man walks into a psychiatrist’s office in a state of great distress. The doctor asks him what the matter is and the man replies, “Well, I keep having these vivid hallucinations that I’m a dog! You’ve got to help me doctor, it’s ruining my life!” “Settle down,” replies the psychiatrist, “Just lie down on the couch over there, and maybe we can start to get to the bottom of this.” “Oh no, I can’t do that,” says the man, “I’m not allowed on the furniture!”

You’re welcome. I hope those made you feel a bit better.


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