Today’s Stupid Question Comes From…



… the nice people at Bell Canada. At 7:01 p.m. last night an email from their customer service people popped into my inbox. It read as follows:

Please tell us how we’re doing.
L Anderson,
Thank you for your recent call to Bell, at 3:51 PM on Tuesday, July 19, 2016.
We’d love to hear how we did. We invite you to complete a brief survey about your service experience with us. It will take less than five minutes.
If you have any further questions about your Bell services, please contact one of our experts.
Kerry Arbour
Vice President Customer Service

The reason for my call was that I came home from work to find that I had no internet connection. And no cable television. Or home phone service.

Since I had a cell phone I was able to call customer service, but the automated menu only let me choose to say I had a problem with one of my services, not all. A subsequent call allowed me to speak to a human by being aggressive with the menu. A technician will drop by today (hopefully) to see what the problem is.

So no, I will not be filling out a survey about this service experience, at least not until I’m back online (at least my cell phone still works, which is how I am posting this and why the formatting is not what I want).

Strikes me as a little insensitive, when I have told you I have no internet, to send an email to ask how good your service is. How were you expecting me to be able to answer?

Or am I just being petty with that observation?


  1. John Tallett · · Reply

    You’re being petty 😉 . Then again I will go out of my way to have anything to do with Bell. Any loyalty I may have had from my BNR days is long gone.

    1. Of course I’m being petty. But it seems strange to automate your customer service questionnaire to be sent out before any service has been provided.

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