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Blasts From The Past

I was hit by nostalgia, struck by something Germany has that is long gone in Canada. The Yellow Pages showed up on my doorstep. Are you old enough to remember phone books? They contained the names and numbers of everyone with a telephone. The Yellow Pages contained only business listings. Businesses who wanted more visibility […]

Relics of Another Age

Vienna is full of history. A weekend there wasn’t enough to even scratch the surface. Not surprising really. I don’t recall ever having taken a  European history course, certainly not since high school. And if I did not much of the Austrian section stuck with me. I learned a lot in three days, and want […]

Today’s Stupid Question Comes From…

    … the nice people at Bell Canada. At 7:01 p.m. last night an email from their customer service people popped into my inbox. It read as follows: Please tell us how we’re doing. L Anderson, Thank you for your recent call to Bell, at 3:51 PM on Tuesday, July 19, 2016. We’d love to […]