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My Mailbox

The letter was addressed to “Occupant,” which I suppose is about as personal as it is possible for Canada Post, our national postal service, to get. Though it isn’t as if they don’t know who lives here. I had already seen the news report before receiving the letter, so I knew what to expect. Sometime […]

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

I figured an update on a couple of earlier posts might be in order. As you may recall, Canada Post introduced community mailboxes to my neighbourhood just after last October’s federal election. This arguably was the first broken election promise for the new Liberal government, which had promised a moratorium on ending home delivery. A […]

Today’s Stupid Question Comes From…

    … the nice people at Bell Canada. At 7:01 p.m. last night an email from their customer service people popped into my inbox. It read as follows: Please tell us how we’re doing. L Anderson, Thank you for your recent call to Bell, at 3:51 PM on Tuesday, July 19, 2016. We’d love to […]

Still Waiting (Frozen IV)

It is not my imagination, right? According to the message from Canada Post below, they will let me know when they have fixed my mailbox. They expect to have the problem fixed by January 15 and will contact me as soon as they resolve the issue. It is February 2, and still no contact. As […]

Customer Service

The city didn’t pick up my recycling last week. I didn’t bother to call to complain. I know from experience, since this happens several times a year, that if I complain someone will be sent the following day. But it is Winter so I’m not as concerned – the kitchen waste freezes, unlike in the […]

Frozen II

“Thank you for calling Canada Post Customer Service. Have A Great Day!” Customer service in this case would appear to be a misnomer. When I called yesterday to point out that the lock on my community mailbox was still frozen I was told by the customer service representative that there was nothing more that could […]

Lost Luggage IV – Who Is Mr. Hinds?

The saga of my wife’s lost backpack from her summer vacation continues, as we now attempt to get compensation from Air Transat, compensation that they are legally required to give under the “Montreal Convention” that covers air travel and lost luggage. What should be a simple process isn’t. She filed her claim on return from […]