Public Transit

Taking the bus is relatively boring. You get on, you pay your fare, you get off at your destination. One bus looks just like every other bus.

It wasn’t like that when we visited Malta. The buses had a uniform colour scheme, but there was room for personalization and individuality.

They’ve changed the system since I was there in 2009. That means it is far less colourful than it was, and probably no more efficient.

Using public transit in Valletta, Malta, was cheap compared to Canada. I forget now how much I paid, but it was at least 50% less than I am used to, maybe even less than that. No complaints about the service either, the buses I took were always on schedule.

Those buses were a public system, but the buses themselves were mostly privately owned by the drivers. The new system, from what I have read of it, has the drivers as employees of the bus company. That’s the way it is most places I guess. No room for individualism in the system.

I liked the statement the owner/operator of this bus made. Buses in Ottawa usually display their destination. This one showed the driver’s concern for your final destination.



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  1. Hopefully that wasn’t a guide as to how a passenger should react to his driving!

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