My Memory Fails Me

It is Sunday, and on Sundays I often post a small photo essay of a church or churches I have visited on my travels. Today is one of those days.

However I feel a little embarrassed that today I can share the pictures but don’t have any information. For some reason, when I went to Europe in 2009 I frequently forgot to take a picture that would help me identify what my other pictures were about. How useful is that?

I can only assume that I thought I would remember. Obviously the place made some impression on me since I took the pictures. I knew at the time what the church was, but the memory has gotten less reliable as I age. I think it is Anglican, but some time spent Saturday night looking at church websites on the internet failed to turn up the location of these pictures.

What I can tell you for certain is that this particular church is in Valletta, Malta. I could add that it was July, and my memory says it was a Monday, but I couldn’t swear to that. (Actually I could now – I just looked at the date the digital file was created. How embarrassing, I can remember something as trivial as the day of the week, but not the church I visited.)

We visited a number of churches in Malta, which has a long Christian history going back to the first century. I will get to some of that history in a future post. For that one I think I remember the name of the church


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