Vote Trump!


As the primary season winds down and the general election is about to get underway, it is time to explain why Donald Trump has won my vote and why I think he should be the next President of the United States.


“Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore 3 (cropped)” by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

There is no doubt in my mind that ‘The Donald” as one of his many ex-wives used to affectionately refer to him, is the best qualified person to be President. The people who don’t recognize that are just ignorant and obviously not true Americans.

The man is not a career politician. These days that is an advantage. Americans are sick and tired of people who dedicate their careers to the service of others. Look at where that has gotten the country so far! It is time to choose someone who is honestly willing to put himself first. Donald Trump has a long record of looking out for number one, and now he says he will make America number one again. What more can you ask? Who cares if he has a plan, he is the guy who will make America great again.

These are tough economic times. Who would you prefer at the helm of the American economy? Some politician who doesn’t understand business, or has never made a payroll? Or a deal maker, someone who managed to come out of a corporate bankruptcy as a billionaire? Maybe Trump can pull off the same fiscal wizardry on government finances. I realize that some may quibble at his approach and express concern at the outsourcing of all American civil service jobs to cheaper jurisdictions such as Mexico, but what is important is that such a move will save the government money. Plus, if Mexicans have good jobs they will stay where they are. There will be no need to build that wall, and laid off American civil servants can fill all the new janitorial jobs that will open up.

The world is uncertain and there are a myriad of threats to American security. Donald Trump would quickly eliminate those threatening the US through the judicious use of nuclear weapons. After all, those warheads are just sitting there. The American taxpayer paid for them, they might as well get some use from them. Sure, some innocent people might get hurt in the process, but they weren’t going to vote for Trump anyway. And it serves them right for being in the same country with those who hate America. If you sleep with terrorists you deserve to be nuked.

There are those who criticize Trump and say he’s never held elected office, therefore he shouldn’t start at the top. Well, look at the job the current bunch of experienced politicians has done. Did George Washington run for Congress before he whipped British butts? Was Ike a school board trustee before he defeated Hitler? Donald Trump is no Neville Chamberlain; you won’t catch him appeasing Vladimir Putin.

I’ve heard all the criticisms: he’s racist, misogynist, a blowhard with no ethics. His knowledge of policy would fit on a matchbook cover with room to spare. These are criticisms? The man was a reality television star! He runs beauty pageants for goodness sake. What more could you ask for in a president? What other preparation would he need? Do you know how cutthroat the entertainment business can be? Politics is child’s play by comparison. And if the ratings are bad, just cancel his presidency, no questions asked.

Too bad that as a Canadian I can’t vote for Donald Trump. And I do hope you realized that today is April 1 – April Fool’s Day and this post should be read in the context of that. Although, there certainly isn’t a bigger fool this April than “The Donald.”


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