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The Day After

The pundits are out in full force to tell you the meaning of yesterday’s Democratic primary vote in New Hampshire, I’ll bow to their expertise – no matter how wrong they are. It was the end of the line for some candidates. Not because they don’t believe they have the right stuff to be president. […]

Pressing The Flesh

Democrats go to the polls today in New Hampshire as that state holds its presidential primary. After last week’s Iowa caucus fiasco, the party is desperate to get things right. I’m not a fan of the primary system, for reasons to numerous to detail here, but I understand why the New Hampshire vote has traditionally […]

Send In The Clowns

If Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted that, just wait for it. These guys want to run a country? More than 12 hours after results should have been made official, no-one knows who won Tuesday’s Democratic Party Iowa caucuses. The CNN headline described it as “chaos and confusion.” I won’t launch into a list of what went […]

Long And Winding Road

It may have been the centre of the political universe, but I would be hard-pressed to find Iowa on a map. I wonder if Americans have the same problem? Once every four years the state makes headlines, as politically interested individual “caucus” to determine who they want to be president. For some candidates it is […]

Vote Trump!

  As the primary season winds down and the general election is about to get underway, it is time to explain why Donald Trump has won my vote and why I think he should be the next President of the United States. There is no doubt in my mind that ‘The Donald” as one of […]

The Primaries

They are calling today “Mega Tuesday,” to distinguish it from “Super Tuesday,” and once again some pundits are suggesting Donald Trump, despite a couple of primary losses this past Saturday, could sew up the Republican Presidential nomination with a strong showing. Somehow it seems we have heard this story before. My daughter asked me if […]