Global Warming?

It wasn’t the first green Christmas Ottawa has had. Not even the first one this decade. And only he skiers were complaining hat the golf courses were open and the ski hills closed.

I don’t think an unseasonably warm month or two is necessarily a sign of major climactic catastrophe. After all, we have had temperature shifts before, both warm and cold. I remember when, not that many years ago, the scientists were all concerned about the impeding ice age. Now it is global warming, something most Canadians approve of if it means our winters become more bearable. (My apologies to the south Pacific islanders whose countries will be flooded if the dire warnings are true, but that really is the way we feel. You can always move here, we have plenty of room.)

Still, it didn’t seem right when we went for a pre-dinner walk to come across this little guy also out or a stroll. I don’t know much about caterpillars, but I do know they eat leaves, and there have been no leaves on the trees for weeks. I think of caterpillars as appearing in the spring and becoming butterflies before summer. I don’t expect to be sharing a path with one on Christmas Day, December 25.




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