Random Thoughts For A Tuesday

Today is a day for ramblings, some short paragraphs that perhaps tie up some loose ends.

Writing about current events in advance is dicey. I wrote that Justin Trudeau’s challenges in constructing his new Cabinet and painted a picture of politicians arriving at Rideau Hall by limousine. That’s the way it has been done before, but it turns out the new cabinet took a bus together then walked. That’s what happens when you write the post a week in advance. I stand by my thoughts on cabinetry though!

I published my thoughts on the Government of Ontario and its dealings with the public school teachers union. They settled their dispute the same day. Was it something I said?

Why, when I get my weekly job application suggestions in my LinkedIn account, is the first one always a dance instructor’s position with the City of Ottawa? There is nothing in my profile that would suggest I could teach dance. Or would like to each dance. Or can dance.

The swearing in of the new Cabinet was open to the public. Well, it was in the same closed ballroom where such ceremonies always take place, with no public access, but people could watch on large television screens on the grounds of Rideau Hall. As opposed to the comfort of their homes. I appreciate the gesture, but still puzzle at how that was “open.”

Canada Post, knowing that the new Liberal government wanted to preserve door-to-door mail delivery, suspended its community mailbox program – the day mine was put into service. Too late to change pans for my neighbourhood. After two weeks of using it I’m not completely sold on the experience. In the rain I used to be able to get my mail without leaving the house. Now I get wet.

Supposedly Air Transat has mailed a settlement cheque. I can only wonder if my most recent complaint might have spurred things. A simple apology would be nice, but I won’t hold my breath. The president of the company has yet to respond to complaints sent directly to him, which I think is rude. I can’t see myself booking another flight with them, ever. It wasn’t the misplaced luggage, it was the lack of customer service following. The email said the cheque was in the mail, but gave no details. (Since I wrote this the cheque has arrived, and the settlement was reasonable. I didn’t read the accompanying letter of apology as I was rushing to catch a plane, so I don’t know if it was a form letter or not, but it was an apology. I am still unsure about future trips, I think Vivian is more gracious towards them.)


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