Entering The Season

Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent. My wife insists that is when we have to put up the Christmas tree.

To me that seems very early. She says December is a busy time, and if we put it off it won’t get done. I agree in theory, but somehow I don’t think we would forget to put the tree up just because we were busy. However, being the dutiful husband I hauled the tree up from the basement and set it up. Now I’ll spend the next month picking up ornaments on the floor every morning – the cats think a Christmas tree is just a large toy.

I was raised in a non-liturgical tradition, I don’t have the emotional attachment to the Advent season that my wife does. I understand the importance of Christmas of course, but think there is a certain amount of overkill to the season. It’s not enough that I am subjected to bad seasonal music wherever I go; at home it is Handel’s Messiah played over and over. It’s a musical treasure, but after the twentieth repetition it loses a bit of its charm.

I thought about posting something about the importance of Advent in the calendar for yesterday’s post, but opted instead to focus on football. However I did read a few blogs from people who didn’t get distracted by the sporting event and weighed in on the topic of Advent.

I thought today I’d just link to those posts, give you three different perspectives on the season we are entering into. I’m almost certain to add some thoughts of my own in the weeks to come.





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