Black Friday Once Again

It seems like only a year since I was spending my time avoiding Black Friday, that orgiastic explosion of consumerism the seizes the United States at this time of year and which is slowly creeping across the border into Canada.

For the past three weeks I seem to have been inundated with emails and flyers advertising Black Friday sales. Some of them have almost looked like they might be good deals, if I was interested in the products being sold.

For example, there is a camera chain offering some nice specials today that seem really enticing. Except that there is nothing wrong with the camera I have. It seems silly to buy a new one just because it is a good price. So once again I think I will ignore the Black Friday frenzy.

I have suggested in the past that for Canadians Boxing Day was the day with the better deals. That was just my impression, but it turns out there is evidence to back up that assertion. Just another reason for me not to go shopping today.

The older I get the easier I find it to ignore the appeals to purchase things. I have finally come to terms with the difference between wants and needs. At this stage in my life I m not sure that there is really anything I “need.” I could make a list of wants, but when it comes right down to it, most, if not all, of those are things I am unwilling to pay the money for.

I think that makes me a marketer’s nightmare. The whole idea behind Black Friday is to get me to spend, to not think about my purchases. I’m supposed to get caught up in the herd mentality and rush out to the stores to spend, spend, spend. Well, I’m seeing the exhortations, but I’m not buying into the concept which means I am not buying the products.

Last year I wrote about why I wasn’t taking part in the Black Friday sales. I reread that post and found that my views haven’t changed. You can read that post here.

If enough people adopt my attitude it could lead to the downfall of Western civilization as we know it. Which might not be a bad thing if we have been reduced to being a culture that exists only to shop.


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  1. Nicely written. In my private sector job on Friday, someone observed that the streets were clear of traffic that morning. People must have been calling in sick to go shopping. Not normally a day off in Canada. Americans may take the Friday between their Thanksgiving and the weekend off.

    I bought a beer or two.

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