Best Friends?

To me it was a reminder that we can adapt to almost anything when I saw these two cats sharing a chair this past week..

The orange one spends most of his time harassing the black and white one, chasing him around the house, stealing his food and generally making his life miserable. The daily wrestling matches are entertaining, but the younger cat, the orange one, probably doesn’t realize it isn’t play for the older (declawed) feline.

My mother has always maintained that cats are people. I have my doubts about that – though I know certain animal rights groups and legislators who might disagree with me. But I will agree that we humans can at times learn from animal behaviour.

These two cats do not really get along, the older one tolerates the younger because he really has no choice. It wasn’t his idea to introduce a kitten into the family, especially one that doesn’t seem able to grow up.n The younger one doesn’t understand why his black-and-white companion is usually reluctant to play.

Don’t we sometimes find ourselves in such situations, where the other person just doesn’t understand how we feel about something? Not only that, they don’t seem capable of understanding. Polite hints don’t sink in. Sometimes being blunt doesn’t make a difference. How we react in such situations says a lot about who we are.

I think I want to be more like the older cat, willing to put aside past affronts that aren’t really relevant to today’s question, which is: “Do you want to enjoy this sunshine together on a cold Winter day?” Sometimes you just have to accept the moment.



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  2. You’re lucky. My Esther and Minuette never got this close; I called it a polite detente with occasional hissing.
    Love to Simon and Marshall! I miss Catbert too….

  3. Awww so cute together

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