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Christmas Feast

I took a step of faith and invited people for Christmas dinner. By Christmas Eve, with meal preparations well underway, I was doubting the wisdom of that. I’ve hosted a Christmas feast many years, but lat year we went to a friend’s  place for Christmas dinner. While we have had many people over for a […]

Where’s Waldo?

When I was in Rome last weekend I noted that Google Maps was doing something with the children’s character Waldo. I didn’t click to find out – we had a guide to Rome so the map application wasn’t necessary.  I meant to at some point go back to find out what was going on, but […]

Best Friends?

To me it was a reminder that we can adapt to almost anything when I saw these two cats sharing a chair this past week.. The orange one spends most of his time harassing the black and white one, chasing him around the house, stealing his food and generally making his life miserable. The daily […]