While The World Waits…

I spent most of Wednesday with CNN playing in the background as I worked. I wanted to know who was the winner in the US presidential election.

I still want to know who won, but I am not listening anymore. I’ll find out when an announcement is made. Maybe Friday.

At first I thought Donald Trump was going to squeak out a win, as I had predicted. Today though that seems less likely. If I had to predict the final Electoral college vote right now, I would have Joe Biden winning by the narrowest possible margin: 270-268. But Trump could still come through.

I’m sure I will have much more to say in the coming weeks, as the drama unfolds with various court challenges. Today though, taking a deep breath after the election is probably a good idea. No matter who you supported, you could probably use some stress relief today.

A friend sent me this picture. I have no reason to doubt it is real – and it gives hope that there are people in the bureaucracy with a sense of humor.

If you are too young to understand, check out this video:


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