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Back To Work

With the COVID-19 pandemic easing, federal civil servants working at home have been tod they must return to working in the office, at least a couple of days a week. Some are not enthused at the thought. I’m not convinced working at home is as productive for many people. Witness the problems the civil service […]

Monday’s Smile

I was going to use these images last Monday, and got sidetracked. But I remembered that I had them and am sharing them today. They are more inspirational than funny perhaps, but who doesn’t need a bit of inspiration to start the work week? I must admit I have never been overly concerned with Mondays. […]

Starting Another Work Week

After taking the weekend off from this space (did you miss me?), it is time to get back into a rhythm. But no-one wants to really want to do that on a sunny summer day, especially when it is Monday. So let’s try for a little humor instead. Maybe if we ease into the week […]

Smile…It’s Monday

I have mentoned before that I don’t share the aversion to Mondays felt by so many. I usually like my work. I have been wondering if the reaction to Mondays is as acute as it once was, given that so many people now work from home. The days just seem to blur. A day-at-a-time calendar […]

2021 In Review – Is It Monday?

I have come to realize that people really aren’t fans of Monday – at least in North America. The aversion probably isn’t the same in places where the work week begins on Sunday. This post, from January 2017, was the fourth most-viewed here in 2021. Even though it isn’t Monday today, I hope you get […]

Welcome to Monday

You may just be waking up and reading this. I’m a little confused as to what time it is. Watched the CFL championship game, the Grey Cup, which had a kickoff at just after 12:30 a.m. my time.  I tried to nap a little before the  game, but it wasn’t long enough to feel rested. […]