Monday’s Smile

I was going to use these images last Monday, and got sidetracked. But I remembered that I had them and am sharing them today. They are more inspirational than funny perhaps, but who doesn’t need a bit of inspiration to start the work week?

I must admit I have never been overly concerned with Mondays. That may be because I have been fortunate enough throughout my varied careers to enjoy what I was doing. The days aren’t depressing, though given world events I sometimes wonder if I should be depressed.

What was wrong with my old attitude? And, to be truthful, I haven’t accomplished all my goals from last week.

This works for me. Even when I sleep in I am up early by most people’s standards. And, as an introvert I appreciate that if people think I am scary they won’t talk to me. Sounds like a win-win situation.

That’s rather simplistic isn’t it? There are a lot of retired people unhappy on Mondays because they really wish they still had a job to keep them occupied.

And with those thoughts I’m sending you out into the world to enjoy your Monday. If you look for them, you will find blessings today.


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