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Who Would You Choose?

I live in a government town. A lot of the time it seems like people expect the government to pay for everything, including public art. But it isn’t the same everywhere. There are a number of statues in central London that were erected not at government cost but by the donations of people like me […]

Considering Lisa

She may not be high in the polls at the moment, but Lisa Raitt could be the next Prime Minister of Canada. She wants the job, and says she will do a better job than the incumbent. Mind you, that might not be too hard. Raitt is one of 14 candidates for leader of the […]

A Trump For The Rest Of US!

Canada at times suffers from an inferiority complex. We look at our brash, bold, successful neighbour to the south, and we want to be just like her. Now we have our chance. Businessman and reality television star Kevin O’Leary announced yesterday he is in the running to become the next leader of the Conservative Party […]

The Pollsters’ Nightmare

Instead of hanging up I listened, even though it was an automated call. As the machine recited the choices I could see the looming problem. Political leadership races don’t always gain a lot of attention, even in the party holding the contest. So you are forgiven if you weren’t aware the Conservative Party of Canada […]

American Religion

As a student of religion I am unsurprised at polls showing Donald Trump has overwhelming support among American evangelicals. I know the importance of religions in American politics. There really is no separation of church and state, that is a polite fiction. As a Christian, I am appalled that apparently many American Christians do not […]

Leadership Matters

I am a political junkie. I think I showed great restraint in the amount of posts I devoted to politics during the Canadian federal election. If you don’t care for politics, especially Canadian politics, you may not agree. In the election aftermath there are a few themes I want to address that seemed better dealt […]

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

I am a fan of the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, have been for almost 50 years, which pretty much means that I am not a huge fan of the three movies spawned from his first novel, The Hobbit. I just saw the last installment, The Battle of the Five Armies which opened in movie theatres […]