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Useless Political Correctness

The headline reads “Document reveals RCMP strategy for possible ‘flood of foreign fighters’ fleeing Mosul offensive.” I think it is supposed to make me feel safer. I am pleased to read that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are prepared to deal with returning fighters. I would expect no less of our national police force. […]

Don’t Panic!

I can hear his voice as I read the book, which feels a little strange in a way‎. I still think of him more as a broadcaster than as a writer. The authoritative and somewhat soothing tones are accompanied by word pictures of death and destruction. I had been on the wait list at the […]

Middle Eastern Conflict

I was at a briefing recently on Parliament Hill about the situation in Northern Iraq. I can’t tell you about it. One of the reasons I attended was to get an update on what is happening in the region. I was there twice last year and do feel I have a bit of connection to […]

Lost Boys

There has been a lot of media coverage in my area about John Maguire, the young Canadian killed in action in Syria fighting for the Islamic State. There has been much written about his youth, asking how someone could grow up to renounce Canadian values and embrace such an extremist form of Islam. When I […]

Answering The Call

The wall is full of plaques, almost as if there is not a spare inch of space left. St. George’s Memorial Church is an English speaking Anglican establishment in Flemish Iepers (that’s Ypres to us Canadians). The church, built after the First World War for those Anglophones working in the area, was funded entirely by […]