Monday’s Messages To Ponder

I probably could do Snapchat and TikTok – but I don’t want to. Especially TikTok – I seem to recall a post about that a couple of months ago. And, to tell teh truth, while I know how to write cursive, I don’t. My penmanship makes my cursive illegible.

Let’s keep it light today, with some of the t-shirts available at I keep promising myself I am going to buy one, but I’m worried I might not be able to stop at one. Or ten. Or twenty. So I haven’t shopped there, but I do love their designs.

Just ask any senior – I’ll bet this is a best seller.

I could easily see myself wearing wear a different slogan every day. My wife would not be impressed.

You had no trouble reading this, right?

I already have too many t-shirts – an occupational hazard for anyone who has worked in radio. I have shirts from different radio stations and musicians, most of whom you’ve never heard of. And as I get older I’m less inclined to wear someone else’s advertising.

I’m not sure why I laughed at this one. Perhaps because I would never even think such things.

I figured there was enough humor in these to us all to ease into the work week with a smile on our faces. If you don’t find these funny, chalk it up to my warped sense of humor.

Ask my wife about this one. I haven’t ask for permission to share my latest fixit story. I do tend to procrastinate though this time it didn’t take me six months.
Much as I like the sentiment, it is too much of a generalization for me to ever be comfortable wearing it. Plus, theologically everyone is special – mot to be confused with entitled.
This is probably the one that tempts me the most.



  1. Philip Allan · · Reply

    Great T-shirts! What is website where they are available?


    1. There’s a link in the post

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