The Cats of Cairo

There are 15 million people living in Cairo. At times it seems as if they are outnumbered by the cats you see everywhere you go.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. I don’t think they do anymore, but cats do seem to have the run of the city – you see them everywhere in Cairo. My guess is they do a great job at keeping the rodent population in check.

I snapped these pictures in January as I was walking around. I took far more on an earlier trip, but you reach the point where if you have seen one street cat you have seen them all. It isn’t unusual to walk by a dozen on each city block.

They like to lie on parked cars to sun themselves, or under those same cars if they want some shade. Some are friendly, but many are completely wild and won’t let you near them.

I thought today some cat pictures would ease you into your Monday, then I realized it is Tuesday. Cats are popular any day though – so consider this a shameless attempt at internet popularity as I know all the cat lovers out there will share this post.


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    Though the numbers are no where as high I was surprised

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