That Time of Year

I’m going to be a little self-indulgent today and talk about me. And you. And our time together.

As August winds down, it is anniversary time here at Random Thoughts From Lorne. If I had been thinking, I would have given this blog a better name.

Hindsight is always, as the cliche goes, 20-20. According to the blogging experts, pretty much everything I do here is wrong. I’d dispute that, but I know the experts are right. However, they just don’t understand what I am trying to do in this space. Which is not surprising – some days I don’t either. 

I will be first to admit that, in this space at least, time is my enemy. There never seems to be enough of it to allow me to finish the posts I start and get them up every day. 

That’s the problem with having a life as well as a hobby. If it is a choice between doing the laundry or writing a blog post, the laundry always seems to win – even if I would prefer to be writing. 

I suppose I could quit my job and volunteer activities and become a full-time blogger. I have read about people who have done that, and some of them make a lot of money. I’m all in favor of making the big bucks – but I also know just how hard I’d have to work to do so. I think I might lose some pleasure in the process. 

Tomorrow I’m going to re-post the introductory piece that got things rolling here eight years ago today, August 30, 2014, with a couple of added comments. If you are new, it explains a little bit of my philosophy. If you have been reading for a while, you can see whether I have lived up to my goals.

Thursday I’m going to offer you a chance for feedback in survey form. There will probably be questions I forget to ask, so you will be able to point out anything I have missed.

Anniversaries seem to be a time for reflection for many people. This week I celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first time I had a pizza from my favorite pizzeria. (For the record, the celebration is more about it being the day I moved back to Ottawa after a 16 year absence. Maybe I should write about that sometime. Moving is tough when you are a teen. That pizza helped get life in Ottawa off to a good start, and has been part of many milestones since.)

I have a good friend who blogged daily for ten years, never missed a day. He then gave himself permission to ease back on his posts. I have absolutely no idea where he found the time to come up with something every day – I can do that for a while, but then I need a break. I have to remind myself that that it is okay to not be here every day. Somehow the earth keeps spinning when I take a day off. Still, i don’t take many – there’s too many things to talk about.

I have had fun these past eight years. Fasten your seat belts as we head into year nine.


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