Welcome to 2020!

Happy New Year!

Despite what you may have read elsewhere, it is not the first day of a new decade. That comes on January 1, 2021.

I have no idea how or when the idea started that decades begin with zero. I guess if enough people accept something wrong as true, it magically becomes true. Maybe that explains gender confusion.

It is a leap year. Plan now what you are going to do with the extra day. Make it epic. Do something nice for others. Or maybe make February 29 a one-day prayer retreat. Unplug from everything and spend the day alone with God. There’s no better use of your time.

It is also a US presidential election year. Somehow I think there will be a post or two here about that. Though at this point I see it as a foregone conclusion – no-one has come forward who, in my estimation, has a chance of beating Donald Trump. Still, November is months away. Almost anything can happen in the meantime. And as a political junkie, I won’t be able to resist commenting.

Canada, despite a minority parliament, is unlikely to see a federal election this year. Whether you think that is a good thing or not depends on your opinion of Prime Minister Selfie and his team. I’ll probably have some thoughts on the performance of the government and the race to find a new leader for the Conservative Party.

What does 2020 hold for Random Thoughts From Lorne? You can expect whatever comes to my mind – the usual mixture of political commentary, travel experiences, book reviews and only God knows what else. I have some trips that I haven’t shared all the pictures I intended, so expect to see some travel posts from Austria, Switzerland, Greece and Italy, to name a few, as I get caught up. I also have a few trips already scheduled for the year: Spain, England, Cyprus and, hopefully, Egypt. There will be pictures and impressions from those. And some local (for me) travels in France and Germany – a colleague who used to live in our area has made some recommendations.

I’m sure there will be other, random topics that crop up on the spur of the moment. After all, I haven’t written about Ottawa’s light rail problems, and I really should do that soon.

To start the year though, a look back that isn’t a look back at 2019. For the next ten days we’ll repeat the top ten posts from last year by number of views. As you will discover, most of them are older posts that have an enduring appeal for one reason or another. Some have surprised me with their enduring appeal.

I’m glad you are along for the ride. As always, suggestions are welcome. Let’s have a great 2020 together!

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