In The Mail


I was wandering in downtown Bern, the Swiss capital, when I came across this monument commemorating the founding of the Universal Postal Union. It is amazing what is sometimes found to be worthy of public art.

Sending something by mail seems almost a forgotten reminder of another era in these days of electronic communication. I have frequently joked that Canada Post’s rates for stamps is so high because they have to factor in a storage fee. If they moved the mail faster it could be done cheaper.IMG_4648r

Did you even know there was a Universal Postal Union? An ambitious name for a planetary system that has only been in place since 1874 that started with 21 countries. It was founded in Bern, which probably explains the statue. Its headquarters are still there.

I wonder if at some time in the future someone will commission a statue celebrating email. What would that look like?

Somehow a virtual sculpture, as appropriate as that might be, probably wouldn’t be seen as acceptable.


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