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Unexpected Consequences

It seemed simple enough, especially in the US, where the populace is politically divided and everyone has an opinion. Build workplace harmony by banning political discussion. That’s what they did at software company Basecamp. Employees at the water cooler could still argue religion or the merits of their favorite sports team – only politics was verboten. […]

Doing The Traffic Math

Municipal politicians in Ottawa frequently complain that the provincial government in Toronto has no idea how to find Ottawa on a map. This week the province’s premier proved that in dramatic fashion. Rob Ford announced new COVID restriction measures, including checkpoints at provincial borders. No-one is allowed to enter the province without a good reason. […]

The Naked MP

I hope they catch the perpetrator. At the every least it should be a firing offence, if criminal charges aren’t laid. It has been in the news around the world: A member of the Canadian parliament appeared naked during a sitting of the House of Commons. Needless to say, that is a breach of the […]

What Do You Think?

How do you react to something you find offensive? Does word choice matter? Would you dismiss ideas because you didn’t like the way they were phrased? Many people do. I remember a phrase I first heard in the early 1970s, though it wasn’t new then: “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the […]

Before The Revolution

In early 2020 the politicians and public health officials botched the initial response to COVID-19. I can forgive that – they obviously had no idea what they were doing and were trying their best. That health officials should have been prepared instead of making things up on the fly would seem to be a reasonable […]

Canceling Easter

Sometimes you have to fight back. Sometimes you have to say “enough is enough.” The virus that just won’t go away has stymied politicians as they attempt to deal with a public health “crisis” that just doesn’t seem that urgent after a year. We’ve gotten used to COVID-19 and government interference in our lives, both […]

Not Your Ordinary Denial

Of course they believe in climate change – most of them anyway. They aren’t stupid. But they are upset. They decided to make a point. Last weekend, delegates to the Conservative Party of Canada policy convention defeated a motion that acknowledged climate change as real. It was embarrassing for leader Erin O’Toole, who has been […]

A Matter of Perspective

I remember it as if it were yesterday, even though it was more than a decade ago. February 19, 2009. For some people it was a really big deal. Barack Obama was coming to Ottawa. Traditionally an American President’s first foreign visit has been to Canada. Donald Trump didn’t follow that, and who knows if […]

How To Vaccinate

When are you getting the COVID-19 vaccine? Have you been told? Does it seem like it is taking too long? I am way down the list. It will be summer when I get the shot. Doesn’t seem to make any difference whether I get it in Canada or Germany, I’m not a high priority. I’m […]

Does It Matter?

The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump is underway in the US Senate, and all the experts are saying he will be acquitted. Not because he isn’t guilty, but because most Senators will vote according to political loyalties rather than the evidence presented. Because of that I haven’t been following the proceedings beyond reading the […]